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Jim Holt LEM 1957/8. He lives nr Great Yarmouth and is very involved in local projects.

He was asked to represent Horatio Nelson at various local functions and these are two of him in all of his glory. He made most of the uniform himself!



Newcastle Paying off Entering Portsmouth for the last time

The Photo was taken En-Route to 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne
Steaming Passed the Royal Yacht With Prince Phillip on Board

Come on all you old sailors where was Newcastle on that Day

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Photos of Jack Lavender, and Pals 1945 are you their?

"CinC EF inspects ships company at Sunday Divisions (Trincomalee).

Captain Gordon Lennox Receiving Cock of The Fleet Trophy 1957

Ships Dogs


Leo 1954                                                     Buster 1958

Seaplane on Catapult

Newcastle Recovering Seaplane

Hong Kong 1954
Picture From Bungy

Leaving Yokosuka in the Mist End 1953

Suzy Wong and Side Party
Top Photos By Permission Mernon.N.Lollich California USA


Painting Ship

On the Capstan Up Anchor

Convoy Duty